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Extras to add to a workshop!

Our recommendations:

Only €9,50 per person for one hour extra!

- Tea Time : a private moment for you and your company to have a(n alcoholic) drink in one of our workshopspaces. It's always Tea Time in Wonderland!

- Creating Your Own Bossche Bol: fill it up with whipped cream en overload it with chocolalalalate!

- Looking into Coffee Grounds or Reading Tealeafs: take a look into the future.

- Karaoke: grab the mic and sing as loud and off-tune as you can with the greatest hits of all time.

- Walk to or from Zoete Lieve Gerritje (or another location): a guided tour to a destination of your choice while we tell facts and stories about Den Bosch

- The Bossche Choco Quiz: to test your group's knowledge about Den Bosch and Chocolate. The group will be split in two teams, and together you'll be making even more fun!

- Crazy Eleven Eleven: you'll be starting at Choco Loca or at Zoete Lieve Gerritje. You go out by yourself with a variety of crazy exercises. The one that scores most points, will be awarded with a delicious prize!

- Drawing on Edible Paper: unleash your creativity, and eat it afterwards!

- Fries with Chocolate: make your own sauce out of chocolate! If it doesn't end up how you wanted, you can always put a regular sauce on your fries.

- Chocolate Trance: when giving each other a handmassage with cacao, an hour is often not enough time... give in to the chocotrance...

- Chocolatemask: You'll be applying a Chocomask onto your neighbour's face. You can also make an awesome Choco Tattoo!

- Laughing Workshop: these hysterical exercises will make you die of laughter, figuratively speaking of course.

- Joking Competition: laughing, screaming, crying, which one of you knows the best jokes?

- DIY Themesong: perfect for teambuilding! How much fun is it to have your own themesong? We'll be assisting you in creating your very own singalong themesong! It'll be heard around the office for years to come!

- No 'Yes', No 'No', No 'Ehm': during this game, someone is going to start a 1 minute lasting conversation with you. You can't use the words 'yes', 'no', or 'ehm'. Do you make it through the minute?

- Chocolate Game: an estaffette/boardgame mixture. Once someone throws '6', you decorate yourself, and start eating a chocolate bar, while the others keep roling the dice. when someone else throws '6', he/she takes over. The one to eat the last piece of chocolate, wins!

- Shopping With a Hot Companion: He/She will guide and advise you!

- Your Own Hot Chocolate: Make your very own hot chocolate with our chocolate, milk, and spices. Salt or caramel is advised to be used! First you make it, then you drink it. Hmmmmm

- Pornogamy: folding paper into naughty shapes.

- Chocolate Tasting: what do you taste, what do you like, and what does it say about you? You'll be experiencing different types of chocolate and learn more about your own taste. After this miniworkshop, you'll be in chocolateheaven.


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