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€ 45,50 (including VAT)

Our entertainer leads this workshop. The entertainer can make it as crazy as you would like, or do you prefer a chic version? That is also possible. The entertainer can also give the workshop in a chic form and provide you with all kinds of chocolate facts!

During this workshop, you will come up with a model for your chocolate sculpture. You are going to make something beautiful out of chocolate. You can make the sculpture on your own, but it is also fun for the whole family. There is at least enough chocolate in it to enjoy with four people.

You start this workshop by connecting with Aunty Annie. She will make sure she is online about 15 minutes before the actual workshop, so there is enough time to find the connection. Once this is successful, the chocolate claying can begin. You start with a chocolate form where you can be creative about what it will eventually become. Does the sculpture get ears, hearts or just make it up. Aunty Annie is very curious about your creation. It's okay to take a bite now and then. It is a workshop with a lot of Chocolate Fun !! You can also choose to have a extra chocolate package of 200 grams sent along. For extra chocolate fun!

The packages are delivered by bike, sustainable and good for the environment!

What can you expect from the package?
- Choco / Love tea
- Tiny Tony's
- The big picture of chocolate
- 1 tool, also lovely to look for, kitchen knife, apple drill, spoon, brush
- Chocolate to melt
- Sprinkles

With more than six people? Then you get a live entertainer on your screen, by who you are guided and can ask questions.
With less than six people? Then we will send you a YouTube DIY video in advance, which you can do at any time. Also nice to do as a Do It Yourself outing.

1.5 hours € 39, -

Book this workshop at the latest ONE WEEK (or earlier) in advance. This will ensure we have sufficient preparation time, and packing can begin!


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