Elevensies, Tour by boat & Bossche Bol LOL

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A complete package with elevensies, a romantic tour by boat, and a workshop in which your create your own unique Bossche Bol. A happy day for teambuilding, day out with friends, family, or just because every day is worth a celebration!

The boat-season starts on May 26th and lasts till October. Regarding the pandemic there will be four persons allowed per boat.

The arrangement starts at Van Puffelen* with elevensies(it doesn't have to be at 11 o'clock). There will also be a vegan option, as shown below:


Paprika-Tomatosoup with Dutch Meatballs

White- and Waldkornsandwich Beef Croquette Ham

Cheese | Russian Salade



White- and Waldkornsandwich | Vegetable Croquette

Young Cheese Green Salade

*Drinks at Van Puffelen are not included in the price.


The tourboat is lovely and an unique way to experience Den Bosch. You'll be going underneath the city for a third of the trip. It'll be very romantic and cosy. The skipper will tell you the most remarkable facts about the city.

At the docks you'll be greeted by us in a ludicrous but very funny way. While we stroll to the workshopspace we'll tell you all the facts we know about the city, in our own special way.

When we arive at the finest place in Den Bosch, you'll be creating your own chocolate ball of joy(Bossche Bol)! You'll be filling it with whipped cream, dipping it in the chocolate, and decorate it on your own way. Creativity galore!

Aunty Annie's self service fridge will be stacked on your arrival, which you can help yourself to!

Total duration of this arrangement is estimated to be 4,5 hours, and costs 54,- per person.

For more information, contact us at info@chocoloca.nl


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