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Chocolate Workshops at Choco Loca in 's-Hertogenbosch!

Choco Loca is a small-scale, local, sustainable and creative company and wants to make a positive contribution to this world in its own unique way. We give love to our products, our planet and our people!
🍪 What we offer 🍫

  •  Everyday (monday till sunday) you can join our outings at 11:00 
    We offer multiple chocolate workshops from 1 to 7 people. Take a look at our walk-in workshops for more information.  We aslo offer larger groupoutings from 8 up until 80 people. 
  • Is your group larger then 25 people, email us so we can check our availability.
  • We also offer company outings. 
  • We aslo have naughty workshops, you can find these under bachelorette workshops. 
  • Would you rather have a full day out with Aunt Annie and the other entertainers? Take a look at our Packages deals. 
  • For groups larger then 10 we also offer outings on location. 
  • We understand you wouldn't want to leave our chocolate palace, hence we also have a Bed and Breakfast, or even a Tiny House.  The Choco Fun never ends. 

    ..And ofcourse you are always welcome for a cozy cup of tea or coffee and ofcourse a freshly made Bossche Bol for if you are in the neighbourhood :) 

Easily book your company outing  with our pink calander on the bottom of every page. 

💋 Be welcomed and feel at home  at  Aunt Annie and all our entertainers!  👩🏻‍🦰🥳💃🏼🕺🏻

**All prices include 9% VAT, unlimted love tea, chocolade, fruit and a "Bossche Borrel" upon arrival. Every half our you also have the options to pick a beverage of choice. Groupdiscount is possible for  10% from 20 people. 

  • Chocolate Workshop for Two!
    Chocolate Workshop for Two!

    What to do in Den Bosch? We have a walk-in outing every day, a chocolate workshop for 2 people or more. A walk-in outing means that groups of smaller than 8 still have the opportunity to come and do a fun chocolate workshop with…

  • Bossche Bol LOL
    Bossche Bol LOL

    During this fun workshop, you will learn everything about this delicious ball filled with whipped cream.

  • Break in Bossche Bol Lol
    Break in Bossche Bol Lol

    During this outing you will break into the Chocolate World of Choco Loca as an escape from the real big world. The opposite of an escape room.This is where you want to be. Look for all the attributes needed to make your own…

  • Choco Happy Day
    Choco Happy Day

    Delicious choco happy day out!

  • Chocolate Sculpting
    Chocolate Sculpting

    You'll make your own sculpture out of chocolate!

  • Dazzeling Chocolate Dicks
    Dazzeling Chocolate Dicks

    Do you know a special Bride or Groom in your life that is looking for a fun and exciting new way to celebrate their engagement? Or do you just need a day out with your girls or the guys? Either way you are in for a Wild Crazy Fun…

  • Chocolate tasting
    Chocolate tasting

    Taste, feel and experience!

  • Hilarious Hike
    Hilarious Hike

    The best walk in Den Bosch with Aunty Annie!

  • Bonbon Party!
    Bonbon Party!

    During this bonbon party you will not only make solid bonbons but also filled bonbons and a rocky road.

    This outing is led by Aunt Annie or one of the other Loca entertainers.

    You will begin with making the solid chocolates. You…

  • Painting with Chocolate
    Painting with Chocolate

    Make your own painting with chocolate!

  • High Tea
    High Tea

    High Tea!

  • Bosch Tour + Bossche Bol
    Bosch Tour + Bossche Bol

    During this day out you'll learn more about the painter Jeroen Bosch and the city of Den Bosch. You'll be going out of your mind! Your homemade and self-painted Bossche Bol will be consumed on site! A LOL day out, in which you…

  • DIY Etagére
    DIY Etagére

    Stacking crockery and you get a beautiful exclusive etagère!

  • Decorating cupcakes
    Decorating cupcakes

    Make naughty or romantic cupcakes.

  • Gender Reveal Party
    Gender Reveal Party

    Discover the true meaning behind this delicious, whipped cream filled Bol... A Delicous experience.

    Under the guidance of Aunty Annie and the Loca entertainers you'll be discovering the secrets of this ultimate chocolate…

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