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Emulsion of chocolate and cream

The base of a ganache is an emulsion of finely chopped chocolate cream enriched with up to 35% fat (you can also use milk). The cream should be boiled before the chocolate and other spices, herbs or fruits are added. The ratio of chocolate and cream bepaaldt the viscosity of the ganache.

Basically there are three types of ganache that you can use as a base.

  • 1 part cream to one part chocolate to 1.5 (very soft ganache, suitable for fillings or molded chocolates)
  • 1 part cream to two parts chocolate (creamy but slightly firmer ganache, suitable for spraying chocolate)
  • 1 part cream with 2.5 to 3 parts chocolate (firm ganache, suitable for cutting and chocolates bonbonlollipops)

Chocolate Tapas:​

Description Chocolate soup:​

Peel the mango, cut the flesh from the shell. Cut into strips and mix with the lime juice. Break the chocolate and put the pieces in a deep pan. Add the coconut milk, the cream and the coffee and cook, stirring over medium heat until chocolate is melted and soup is lightly bound. Serve immediately or hot later on. Spoon into 4 deep soup plates three quarters of mango slices, and spoon the chocolate-coconut soup around it. Cut the marshmallows into slices and put them in the soup. Sprinkle with chocolate curls on top.

Bacon Baked choc (prefab?) Bacon (smoked chicken) covering it with (or without the lover) peanuts (roasted or fresh, crushed pistachio, almond and peanut, etc)

on one side vd bacon and rolled onto a skewer (State sticks) and half immerse in (pure-) choc

Diced Roquefort toothpick or skewer to put on your plate. Pour your chocolate spoon dashes across the Roquefort.

Prefab. Strawberries and other fruits (number of days' geweekt`) in alcohol) dipped in milk chocolate either pure-. Create your own artwork, skewers, and sprinkles

Chocs make him like chocolate spoon; pure with chili / milk with fresh mint or dried mint. This can be consumed guest also required as a 1st corridor.

For the bleak days does`t nice to drink milk choc with mini marshmallows or spices, chunks (think `Schuddebuikjes` etc.). For hot days a Chocolate Liqueur: chocolate / cocoa / whipped cream and rum. Or Chocolate Milkshake.


We can provide with a good Traiterie your guests happy with a nice act on location!

Aunt Annie and Lola Loca bring delicious food and take care of your dinner at home or another location in the consultation.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: from €25,00 per person        


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