Gender Reveal Party

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Discover the true meaning behind this delicious, whipped cream filled Bol... A Delicous experience.

Under the guidance of Aunty Annie and the Loca entertainers you'll be discovering the secrets of this ultimate chocolate Bol!

You'll start the Party with the song about our Sweet Nice Gerritje, and the history of the Bossche Bol. The city tour from the gathering point to Choco Loca will be a ludicrous and funny way to learn about Den Bosch.

Once you've arrived at Choco Loca we'll toast to a day out and what's to come! After that we'll start making and applying the chocolatefondant. Afterwards, we'll be applying the artisanal whipped cream into the Bol(it might end up with a food fight, who knows...). You'll be using blue or pink coloured whipped cream. The one that stiffens up first, will be the gender of your child!

However, there will also be the possibility that your doctor sends the gender to us, and we'll be making sure the whipped cream will change colour, while you stiffen it up. 

Once the Bol is done, it's decoration time. We'll anounce the winner of the most beautifully decorated Bol, en toast (once again) to everything and anything!

For the healthy people among us, we've got the healthy Boscche Bol, It'll be filled with quark, and can be decorated with nuts and fruits. There's also the sugarfree, glutenfree, and vegan Bossche Bol options. For a more deliberate explanation, please contact us at

There are three different options:

Speed Bossche Bol LOL: Lasting 1 hour, everything takes place at Choco Loca. Costs are 26,50

Bossche Bol LOL: Lasting 2 hours, you'll be picked up at Sweet Nice Gerritje with a tour to Choco Loca. Costs are €32,50. This is option is chosen the most.

Selfmade Bossche Bol LOL: Lasting 3 hours. You'll be picked up at Sweet Nice Gerritje with a tour to Choco Loca. costs are €42,50.

An extra option, is to make an extra Bossche Bol for a very special person. This one you can take home. We'll be charging €2,50 a piece.

For more information, contact us at

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