Naughty Bossche Puffcake!

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During this fun workshop, you will learn everything about this delicious ball filled with whipped cream and its naughty origin. To relish and to enjoy the Bossche Bol (lol) recipe at home!

`From now on, you will not use cutlery for a Bossche Bol but you'll joyfully bite it! '

Under the guidance of Aunt Annie and the other loca Guapa's & Guapo's, you will discover the secrets of this ultimate Chocolate Ball.

We start the Bossche Bol Lol with the song of Sweet Nice Gerritje in the group-modified version. And ... we explain the history of the Bossche Bol* ! We walk together from the gathering point to Chocoloca, meanwhile we will tell you stories about Den Bosch in a funny, ludicrous way.

Once at Choco Loca we toast with a Bossche liquor on a great day out. Then we start making and applying the chocolate fondant (we will do this while we're dancing, and most of the times it ends in a polonaise ...) after that we will whip the cream in the traditional way, and you will fill the Bossche Bol* complete! Occasionally it is allowed take a lick of course! Decorate the Bossche Bol* to make it completely unique and then .... After the 3rd, 2nd and 1st prize ceremony ..... (the chocolate kiss) we drink unlimited coffee, tea, soda or something else to toast with on this special chocolate ball!

*Chocolate Puffcake


There is the possibility to make 1 Bossche Bol for the home front, we charge € 2.50 per extra ball.

This workshop also works super well for team building!
For groups of 15 to 80 people, the workshop can also be done on a Bossche boll boat! The price for this is € 40.00 per person. This includes the workshop on the boat, coffee, tea, and the boat trip itself.


You have a choice of 3 different Bossche Bol Lol workshops:



Bossche Bol Lol

(Bossche Puffcake Fun)

2 Hours

€29,50 p.p.

Incl, Unlimited consumtions



Speed Bossche Bol Lol

(Speed Bossche Puffcake Fun)

1 Hour

€23.50 p.p.

Incl, Unlimited consumtions



Selfmade Bossche Bol lol

(selfmade Bossche Puffcake Fun)

3 Hours

€39,50 p.p.

Incl, Unlimited consumtions

Most of the times we do the 2-hour Bossche Bol Lol workshop!

The Speed ​​Bol Lol is of course shorter, the chocolate fondant and the whipped cream are already pre-made. With this version, we do not pick you up at the collecting point of the walk in the city to the workshop, but you will come to Choco Loca yourself.

At Selfmade Bossche Bol Lol you wil also cook the puffcake, this is for a maximum of 20 persons.

For the healthy people among us we have 'The Healthy Bol', so that you can join the group. And still eat healthy. You fill your ball, instead of whipped cream, with low-fat quark and tasty pieces of fruit & nuts.

The possibility is to pay on invoice. You can also pay the total amount at the end of the workshop. For more information, please contact us:

 info: and mail with aunt Annie

"Complete experience of hilariousness and conviviality"

"As for me and my colleagues, our team-out, The Workshop Bossche Bol Lol, with Aunt Annie was just one big party. Hilarity, cosiness, very well-groomed, recipe for at home ... and ... learned the Wokkel-movement. If you want to train your laughing muscles, this is really a must! "

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