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During a Choco Happy Day at Choco Loca you start by making 10 to 15 massive chocolates. Then you can apply a chocolate mask together and do a laughing workshop. Meanwhile, eventhough you're already in chocolate heaven, we'll finish this day with a cocoa sniff to make it complete!

We start with a Bossche Liquor (Bossche Kneup)! Then you start making your own massive chocolates or a Bossche Bol* of your choice.

After that the Choco Welness begins. This consists of a chocolate face mask / drawing that you will make yourself. These you will put on the face of your neighbour. This can also be a "bellypaint" or henna tattoo drawing on your leg! The soft Choco mask ensures a relaxing effect. There is an endorphic release that gives you a happy feeling! A nice picture moment!

Now we are so far in the Choco-trance that we are ready for the Laugh Workshop! With these 10 exercises you are all cracked up, about nothing at all ... Fake it untill you make it!

We finish the Choco Happy Day with a cocoa sniff. Because of the sniff with the Chocolate Shooter you will find yourself in the great feeling chocolate heaven. The device is specially designed for the Rolling Stones, so Sex, Chocolate and Rock 'n Roll!


In addition, you can book a homemade chocolate fondue at the Choco Happy Day. This consists of delicious fruit. You just have to enjoy it ... And you'll be happier! You pay € 9.50 extra for this item.

Duration:           3 hours

Painting with chocolate can be booked for groups of 8 to 80 persons. Are you with less? Then look at the walk-in workshop!


The possibility is to pay on invoice. You can also pay the total amount at the end of the workshop. For more information, please contact us:

 info: and mail with aunt Annie

Extras to stick to the workshop! Tips from us:

€ 9.50 per person, half an hour

- French fries with ... Chocolate! : Now make your own french friese sauce really special.

- A handy handbag reading: Your bag tells more about who you are than you think!

- Chocolate Consult: To vent your chocolate heart, including a good medicine!

- Chocolate mask: Apply a mask to the face of your neighbor or wife with chocolate.

- Laughing workshop: With 10 exercises that help you to double your laugh.

- Shopping with: sexy man: He points you the way and advises!

- Choco trance: Choco hand massage and the healing effect of chocolate.

- Hot Chocomel: These we make of a delicious chocolate spoon. With the flavors: spicy, love, healing or healthy.

- Pornogamy: Folding paper or banknotes into naughty shapes.

- Chocolate Tasting: What do you try, what do you like and what does it say about you?

and many more...


Kijk gerust eens op ons youtube kanaal voor te gekke video's over onze choco workshops!!  -xxx-


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