Choco Happy Day

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During this workshop you'll slowly but surely become happier. There are 4 parts to this choco experience! 

This entire outing is led by Aunt Annie and/or one of the entertainers.

At Zoete Lieve Gerritje you will be welcomed in a fun way and the intro will take place. Some history of the city is told and we do some find and do assignments while you walk to the workshop room. (if you want without a city walk, you will get more workshop time)

Once in the workshop room you start with a Bossche Borrel! Then you start making your own Massive BonBons, you can also exchange for a Bossche Bol with LOTS of fun. The starting point is BonBons, if you would prefer to make the Bossche Bol, please let us know! This part includes your own created Mini Chocolate Fondue. Hmmm.. nice dipping!

Then the choco welness begins, this consists of a Chocolate Facial Mask (choco henna tattoo) that you will make yourself. You apply this to the face of your neighbor. This may also be a drawing somewhere else on the body. The soft Choco mask provides a relaxing effect and soft skin. This releases endorphins that provide an even more blissful feeling! This is also a nice photo opportunity!

Now you are so far into the Choco trance that you are ready for the Laughter Workshop! Fake it untill you make it! These exercises will leave you in stitches over absolutely nothing... You end the Choco Happy Day with a Cocoa Sniff. By sniffing the Chocolate Shooter you will enter the 'blissful chocolate paradise'. The device is specially designed for the Rolling Stones, so Chocolate and Rock 'n Roll!

Fancy such a delicious Choco experience in Den Bosch? Book now!!!

Book your outing via the calendar at the bottom of this page!! You can cancel up to 1 week before the outing. At each workshop you will receive a pot of love tea, a drink, fruit and all other drinks are included. Coffee can be ordered sepretly and will be charged at the end of the workshop. Each workshop is supervised by one of our entertainers.

   Uitje Den Bosch   

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: €45,50- pp 9% VAT included. 

This workshop can be booked for groups from 8 people. If you are with a smaller group, make sure to check out our "walk in workshops". 

Groups larger then 20 will recieve a group dicount of 10%.



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